The mission statement is simple. I’m a full-time author, diehard prepper, and a guy who loves pretty much everything 1980s. It’s a strange combination, I get it. Most people hear the term “prepper” and automatically assume tin-foil hat or living in a handmade yurt and drinking purified piss. Wrong guy. I’m normal like most of the people tuning in and I try to cover topics that most people care about, everything from the basics of prepping to the latest political drama. A lot of other prepping channels don’t get that (especially the purified piss drinkers), which is fine. I’m just doing my own thing.

Yes, I’m monetized on YouTube and yes, I am an affiliate with several companies that I honestly believe in. However, I also donate a big chunk each month to charity because it’s the right thing to do. Outside of the things you see on social media I’m also an avid collector of 80s stuff (namely retro arcades) and I’m a historian with an emphasis on World War 2. For the record, I also drink way too much coffee.

The mission statement you ask? I work very hard to bring you meaningful content every single morning. We premiere the content at 9AM EST and everyone’s invited. I also livestream on Saturday nights at 9PM EST and Tuesday nights at 8PM EST. Unlike most creators in the YouTube prepping community, I read every email and every comment. Every. Single. One. This includes the occasional email I get from readers, too! In other words, I drink coffee and sleep far too little to make sure that both my writing community and Prepper Nation have user-friendly platforms that they can be a part of, not just a number on a screen. Though I may not always get it right, you will always get my 100%.