The Ferrari

I’d like to explain Wall Street, why it’s crashing, and why there’s no solution, folks. Let’s pretend I have a Ferrari (I write for a living so this is fiction). I sell this Ferrari to not one, but 100 people, who all want to own a Ferrari. It’s a magnificent item, right? The only problem here is that if you sell this fly ride to 100 people and they all come to take ownership of the car at once – there’s only one actual, physical car to be had.

Now, substitute the Ferrari for gold. This is how Wall Street operates; this is their scheme. They sell the same valuable item (gold) to hundreds of people and these people take ownership of paper that entitles them to ownership of gold. Great. Fabulous. Except you don’t actually own the gold. How could you when 99 other people own the same gold? As Covid-19 struck people called in their ownership en mass to Wall Street and the suits and ties in New York have no solution. They can’t pay your stocks back at face value because they’ve already pocketed your money, and they can’t deliver a Ferrari (brick of gold) to 100 people who legally have ownership of the same gold.

The entire U.S. economy has revolved around the same lie for decades. You deposit your money into a bank, your bank deposits the money into Wall Street, and the suits and ties take the bank’s money (your money), pocket it, and you receive a piece of paper giving you legal ownership of money that is long gone. It’s 2020, there’s a pandemic, and people want their money. Printing more money (listening, Treasury Department?) doesn’t solve this as you now owe 130 people the same Ferrari (gold) that you already don’t have.

The U.S. economy is about to bottom out far worse than the days of the Great Depression. It needs to. We’re living on credit that we can never afford to pay back and we’ve bitten on the biggest scam of all time: a piece of paper (or worse if you’ve went paperless) holds more value than the physical ownership of an item.

Late Night Gamechat!

Bored? Well folks, you’re not alone, this lock down has crippled operations here at the Ponderosa. My tech guy James can’t get here, therefore we can’t officially podcast. But I do have exciting news! We’ve started a playlist on YouTube titled Late Night Gamechat and it’s exactly what it sounds like: we’re up late night gaming and chatting about everything from writing and prepping to music and politics. Last night we were talking Michael Bolton (it was late!) and playing Fortnite, but I digress.

Folks, this is streamed LIVE and I’m watching both the YouTube stream and Twitter feed while we play and chat, which is probably why I suck at these games! Nevertheless, we respond to everyone in real time. Subscribe and join us!

Cheers From Lockdown!

Hello from the Ponderosa! I wanted to let everyone know that we’re in lockdown (sorta) as in, our governor is an idiot and has been trying to browbeat folks into staying at home rather than issuing the order. We’re doing it anyway. I’m in the beginning stages of writing my own spin of the classic novel Dracula. In other words, I’m binge watching pre-1960s horror movies and creating my own characters between doses of coffee and college thesis papers.

This isn’t a rewrite of the original Bram Stoker masterpiece and it won’t be written in journal form, like the original. My take will be a different take entirely, merely inspired by Stoker’s universe.

I only hope that, when the Corona Virus is past us, that people are left to read it. Folks, take care of yourselves. I know that income is important (especially now), but remember that jobs employ you…they don’t own you. Never put yourself or your family in harm’s way to make a buck, it’s not worth it. If you need prepping tips, check out my lovely Zombie Radio podcast. -JD

How to Make Homemade Sanitizer

A few people have asked about homemade hand sanitizer. Listen, finding these ingredients is hard as of today – stores are mostly wiped out. Still, you might get lucky.

The easiest way is 1/3 Aloe Vera gel and 2/3 Isopropyl alcohol. It’s easy to make, comes out a little bit runnier than store bought hand sanitizer, but works like a charm. Shelf life? I’ve heard everything from a week to months. Going a little heavier on the alcohol might extend the shelf life so experiment!

Plan B (or the “Redneck Plan” as we like to call it). 1/3 Aloe Vera gel, 2/3 hard liquor (Vodka, Moonshine, Grain – 120 Proof and up), a couple of drops of essential oils. So the essential oil is a preference and you can absolutely go without it so long as you don’t mind reeking of Vodka. I know a few people who prefer the Vodka smell, actually, so to each their own.

Again, good luck tracking Aloe Vera down as every soccer mom in America has now become a prepping “expert”. *cough* You can substitute distilled water for Aloe Vera gel if you don’t mind splashing it onto your hands and letting it dry. *cough*

covid-19 – What to Expect, America


Crazy times, folks! As I write this blog (and sip some coffee) here at the Zombie Radio Command Center, I hope everyone out there is doing OK. A lot of you are now sheltered in place – some of you under a mandatory lockdown. I’ve been trying to help folks prepare for weeks and wanted to take a few moments to explain what 2020 will look like for most of you in America. Here goes…

This week (starting tomorrow 3/23/2020) Americans will begin to see a run on the banks. That’s prepper fancy talk for people rushing to the banks to withdraw everything they have. I strongly encourage you to do the same, as soon as possible. In the coming weeks most national banks will default to an ATM-only entity and those ATMs will be as barren as Madonna’s taste in music. They’ll use the guise of (no contact) when, in reality, they don’t have everyone’s money. Trust me when I say that preppers will withdraw their money from banks (a.k.a. “run on the bank”) and the less prepared will then make their own run on ATM machines. Regardless of what MSM news tells you, after Friday (3/27) your money isn’t safe.

A big shoutout to the folks on Twitter who bragged about prepping 2 weeks’ worth of beer and Oreo cookies. Many of you are now locked down in your respective areas with nothing more than empty beer cans and cookies. Meanwhile, the rest of us have plenty of food onhand. If you are not under a mandatory lockdown, you will be soon enough. Bank on it. Use this time to get any last minute items for long-term survival but avoid the common hot spots such as Wal-Mart and major grocery stores. These are lost to us preppers at this point – they are virtually wiped out and very crowded, which means potential exposure to the virus. Instead, check with your local farming stores (Rural King, Tractor Supply Co.) and any off-the-beaten-path stores in your area. I’m told that Amish stores are mostly untouched, and I keep my ear to the ground of the prepping community. If you have no choice but to hit your local Wal-Mart, prep smart. Think outside of the box. While people are hoarding batteries, bottled water, and toilet paper (?), think about the Brita water filtering systems and solar powered items. Need groceries? Opt for the pickup option and forgo entering the store.

So far my timeline on covid-19 events has been pretty spot-on. Here’s what to expect next:

A Run on the Banks

A Mandatory National Lockdown Period

National Guard Deployed to All 50 States

Severe Shortage of Food

A Collapsed Medical Industry

Possible Utility Interruption

A Gasoline Shortage

Looting (Primarily in Urban Areas)

A 25% Infection Rate Nation Wide

A Total Economic Collapse

The 2nd Great Depression

Personally, I believe these events will have run their course in approximately 5 years. The covid-19 itself will last approximately 1 1/2 years, followed by 3 1/2 years of the worst economic depression the United States has ever faced. Please understand that I’m not pulling these numbers out of the sky, but rather I’ve studied the patterns of past epidemics.

Yes folks, the United States will survive. But what will our nation look like following the covid-19 event? Several of our liberties (the Right to Bear Arms?) will have come under attack during this process. Is it legal to force citizens into lockdown here in the United States? Is it legal for the United States to seize citizen property? Constitutionally speaking, we are in uncharted territory. That’s what should scare you the most. -JD


Visit Dark Island!

Dark Island – Amazon – Smashwords – D2D

“A love letter to the 1980s.”
Hunter Cade is a small-town sheriff who, like everyone else, is now dealing with the uncertainty behind the Voyagers’ arrival. They’ve descended from the heavens in mammoth ships, and they need humanity’s help. But the arrival of Dark Island’s first Voyager paints a different picture, prompting the town’s mayor to excommunicate the island from the rest of the world.
Now, with only days to spare, the residents of Dark Island prep for the alien invasion that only they know is coming. An absolute 80s thrill ride from start to finish, Dark Island is our last hope.



Well folks, I’ve somehow done it again. I’m knee-deep in 3 different writing projects and remember swearing to myself the last time it happened (and the time before) that I’d never do it again. The first is a Gunship story titled The Red Order. It’s actually been in my head for several years and follows Foster and the survivors of Gunship: Graveyard, albeit several years later. The second is a sequel to Immortal (formerly Heroes of Destiny). I’m very excited about this one as it promises the return of pulp’s living legend, Dalton James. Finally, I’ve kicked the door in on a project that personal for me. See, I loved writing Wicked and absolutely love to read zombie fiction. That said, I’m a World War 2 nerd. Well, allow me to introduce you to the best of both worlds, Dead Army


I can’t say which one of these titles will be finished first because truthfully I don’t know. I’m hammering on each of them as I can, between college classes. You’ll be the first to know when the other two (cough) masterpieces have official covers. Until then…


Gunship is everything I love about science fiction and fantasy rolled into a single series. It’s a love letter to pulp fiction.” -John M. Davis

 Gunship I – SW – Amazon – B&N – D2D

GS II: The Glimmerian War – SW – Amazon – B&N –D2D

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GS XI: Cloak of War – SW –  Amazon – B&N – D2D


I won’t lie, this has been a hectic year. Both good and bad, of course, but busy nonetheless. I entered 2019 hoping to publish 3 or 4 solid books and now find myself in a race with Dark Island, hoping to have it in the hands of readers by the end of 2019. I’m behind the eight ball, folks.

See, what began as a pulp fiction offering of around 100 pages has now blossomed into a full-blown novel. This puppy is a fine mixture of 1980s retro goodness, an alien invasion, love, comedy, and plenty of action. Trust me when I say that it’s worth the wait.

Regrettably I can’t give your fine folks a concrete street date on Dark Island. College is kicking my tail. I’m undertaking a complete genre swap (zombies!). The Book Commander Podcast has picked up steam. We’ve re-branded everything here at the Ponderosa and will be launching a video series in 2020. But enough with the excuses, right? The truth is that I want Dark Island to be the best story I’ve ever written and it will be. Until then, I encourage you to pick up some of my previous work or even buy us a coffee via PayPal. Thanks! -JD