Long awaited #80’s post!

Alright, so it’s no secret that music is fantastic. It’s also safe to assume you each know the awesomeness of the 1980’s. Don’t agree? Walk away from the computer, slap yourself, welcome back. Let’s try that again…music from the 1980’s is great(for the most part).

So, I belong to a 1980’s music club on Twitter. I mean, we’re a club without a clubhouse, so to speak. Everyday, unless I’m feeling super-busy or super-lazy, I try to chime in. Throw my song of the day in there as well as Youtube their selections. And I’ve promised(like two months ago) to blog about the music of the 80’s. So, since everyone has their own favorites from ‘the time’ – I decided to share mine. I also piled on a few links for the best songs in terms of remixed 80’s classics.

So sit back, grab a Whatchamacallit and a can of ice-cold Tab…cause it’s about to be on.

My ten picks(no certain order):

“I Wanna Go Back” – Eddie Money

“I Can Dream About You” -Dan Hartman

“The Finer Things” -Steve Winwood

“Pour Some Sugar on Me” -Def Leppard

“Toto” -Africa

“Hurts So Good” -John Cougar

“Nothing’s Gonna Stop us Now” -Starship

“Hard to Say I’m Sorry” -Chicago

“Against All Odds” -Phil Collins

“Out of Touch” -Hall and Oates

Yes, I realize a lot of songs could have also made this list. I encourage you to comment and post your own. I also, while posting my list, remembered how the guy from Hall and Oates had one hell of a mustache. So now that you have my ten favorites, I’m going to drop a few covers of 80’s songs as well. I’ll attempt links, but those who know me well, know that tech eludes me 🙂

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_VPrhqcSy0 (GREAT cover of ‘Send me an Angel’)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CUzpDa67Ro (‘Use Your Love’)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7imqO-OBVk (‘Careless Whisper’)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9euYTyXDjg (‘Hungry Eyes’ GOOD song, GREAT video!)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKDVUUfGXzU (‘Hard to Say I’m Sorry’)

There you go, it’s time to refill the coffee cup. I hope you found at least one cover that did it for you. Thanks for taking the time to check out the post, and feel free to so do the same with my official website!



If you’re still on the fence about jumping into the series that has landed three #2 overall spots on the Amazon Kindle(science fiction), just listen to what readers have to say:

“Great read, where is the next one?”

“Riveting! The characters in this book took action to a new level.”

“Great characters in a Great story! I can’t wait for the next book!”








My first Black Friday.

With the Christmas shopping already done, we decided to hit our local Wal-Mart to browse the deals anyway. And yes, it was my first Black Friday experience.

Let me start off by saying, I’ve officially lost faith in Humanity. Only we would give thanks for the important things in life on the same day we’re willing to physically take what we want. I was (un) lucky enough to see a pillow fight break out in the bedding section over pillows, and got a text later letting me know there had also been a fistfight. Over pillows.

When I arrived an hour before the big sale started, only to find they were out of carts, I knew I was about to step into another dimension. A dimension of baby dolls, discounted pajamas and as I quickly found, Blu-Rays! I walked into the store and refused to be rude. I helped people grab things from shelves, spoke nicely to everyone I saw, and when the sale officially began, actually stepped aside to let an elderly woman pass and hit the Bratz dolls first. It brought stares of disbelief and I’m pretty sure even the title of idiot by many.

In closing, this is what I learned through my first Black Friday experience:

1. Any hope for the true meaning of Christmas is officially gone.

2. Wal-Mart truly is the devil. And, though none of the associates at my store were on strike, they seemed to be in spirit.

3. Apparently nobody reads. Pallets of books remained untouched, while people cursed and fought over tech items and bedding. Leading me to realize we have grown both ignorant and lazy.

4. Respect for the elderly no longer exists. Which, to be honest, is sad.

5. Parenting is all but gone as the new fad seemed to be teenage girls dressed like prostitutes, complete with boots.

In closing, I’ll go back next year. But I’ll make sure the Christmas shopping is finished first. The wife and I stopped for coffee afterwards, and turned it into a ‘date night’. Not to mention, I got my hands on some great Blu-Rays! Lord of the Rings anyone?


Guardian Angel


Guardian Angel II(Berlin War)

Release date: June 1st!

(Paperback, Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Smashwords)

Demons. Not the kind spawned from Hell, but those which invaded our world one chilled November morning. They call themselves Ancients.

Humanity has seen such destruction. The world around us turned to rubble, while most of us have either fallen victim to the murder of war or the oppression of slavery. And now that our race is on the verge of extinction, the queen of demons will reveal herself, bringing along prototype soldiers laced with the power of the elements.

And while our survivors remain divided, so does the heart of Alicia Lucard. Once upon a time, her foremost concern was the daily cheat of her own demise. But love has a way of complicating things. And with love comes great responsibility on the heels of an even greater guilt. A heart quickly falling for two.

Now humanity is tasked with putting its differences aside, working together against the sky-born race of alien soldiers. And one of their finest will be forced to choose a single lover, forever damning the other.


Download Guardian Angel(part 1) today!



A captain, his crew and the life of a smuggler.

Another hand, or should we just count you out Michaels?” the dealer asked, a thick beard of black covering most of his experienced face as he continued shuffling the deck of cards, only slightly moving his thumbs as the cards crisply fell into place.

Let’s get something straight right here and now. You don’t ever count Captain Adam Michaels out.” he said as he raised his glass for a long drink of the roughest ale he’d ever fallen victim to.

The pay in for this round is seventy credits.” The dealer said as he surveyed the table, giving his best effort in an attempt to block out the dozens of scoundrels in the background drinking ale and most likely telling lies.

I’m out.” Captain Michaels said quietly as he stood up and walked away from the table, doing his best to ignore the taunts and insults directed his way as if to keep some of his dignity.

A seemingly perfect life, until love arrives unexpected.

Nobody like Sarah however, not even close. She was stunningly beautiful, very well spoken and above all, political. Political? His idea of politics involved small arms fire or even a good old fashioned bare-knuckle brawl. They had nothing in common aside from being here at the same moment, the same spot together; something he knew deep down would be long forgotten by Sarah the moment she arrived safely back home. Still, the heart wants what the heart wants, and his was becoming increasingly dependent on seeing her as much as humanly possible.

With best friends like this, the word sanity becomes fuzzy.

Any person that eats another person has some damn issues,” Dalton said with heartfelt emotion. “Unless she’s hot and it ain’t for keeps.”

Introduce Vampires, Mech and Orc, and life gets tricky.

Hey, bitches,” Roman yelled across the room, successfully gaining their undivided attention. “Get some.” he added, daring the walking beasts to a fight.

Anwick quickly made his way into the direction of the marked man, Lexion following suit and releasing the grip he had on the front of Michaels’ shirt allowing him to fall back to the ground. Roman pulled his combat pistol long enough to throw it across the room, sliding roughly on the aged floor as he confidently drew his tactical blade and squeezed his hands for a moment; several of his knuckles busting back to life.

Introduce a second unexpected love, and life becomes unbearable.

Sure, his heart belonged to Sarah, it had since the very first moment he had laid eyes on her. Still, he thought a lot about Sasha as he lay there during the night. Not just because she had a pure beauty about her, but because he envied the life that she had chosen to live. Missing it very much. Living for the moment was the only real definition of happiness in his opinion, and Sasha lay there doing just that, sleeping like an angel and taking life one day at a time.

Civil War, airships, large-scale battles by sword and Zombies. Life just got serious.

But as the door opened to allow the man and his child a safe place to hide, Dalton’s arm dropped down to his side; still holding the revolver in hand.

Oh my God.” he managed to push from his lungs as Whiskey stood at his feet, both of them witness to hundreds of Drifters killing citizens in the streets. Mutilating their bodies, climbing the exterior walls of buildings in order to reach windows and many of them pulled to the light that now shined outside through the open Trading Post door.

The Gunship series is a place where anything can happen. Elements of science fiction, fantasy, steampunk and western all draped across the lives of characters that matter. The best part? The entire Gunship series is now available with a single download!








In 2011, John M. Davis published his first work. Gunship was everything cool about science fiction, without the technobabble. As a debut novel, Gunship surpassed many flagship brands to eventually land in the #2 overall spot in its genre(Kindle) before sliding back down. Such an impressive debut warranted a sequel.

Nearly a month after its peak, Gunship: Glimmeria was underway. In fact, John began working on an entire universe filled with unique races, fantastic places and weaponry that readers fell in love with. Both Gunship: Glimmeria and Gunship: Reflections(#3) peaked in the Kindle Top 20, as did Gunship: Legendary(#5). The series returned with The Fleet, which, once again, hit the #2 overall spot and brought even more readers to the party. 

If you’re new to Gunship, expect Vampires, Orc, interstellar war, saloon fights, humor, blade fighting and a bit of whiskey. Sound like your kind of science fiction? Enlist in the Gunship crew today!



*Includes Gunship, Glimmeria(Book 2), Reflections(Book 3), Gears and Spears(Book 4) and Legendary(Book 5).


 Fleet: Trilogy(coming soon) on KINDLE, NOOK, KOBO, ITUNES, SMASHWORDS and PAPERBACK

*Includes The Fleet, The Fleet: Blood War and The Fleet: Chaotic Worlds.




 (Above) Amanda Elizabeth(Gunship’s Sarah Blaine) signing promotional flats to be given away during the Gunship: Legendary launch.


 (Above) The day Gunship arrived to the table of elite science fiction.


 (Above) Final paperback proof of Gunship: Glimmeria featuring Scott McGregor as Adam Michaels.


(Above) Serenity Valley Publishing’s editor, Daniel, flaunting his copy of Gunship in paperback.


(Above) John M. Davis at Barnes & Noble in Roanoke, Virginia. Gunship was in stock!




So, it’s nearly midnight and I’m on another coffee-filled rant! I’ve spent the last two weeks doing this Minimalism thing. Long story short, it’s the lifestyle of treasuring the things you have, rather than chasing the things you “need”. Flashy things like iPhones and Playstation 4 systems. It’s really given me perspective, while opening my eyes to a lot of things.

As I kicked back this past Wednesday and watched a fantastic sunset, it became clear to me that nearly everything that matters in our society…shouldn’t. Seeing a magazine ad for a bluetooth-powered dog watering system today, well, that drove it home for me. Most of us live life as though we’re rabbits chasing a carrot dangling from a stick. Society tells us what’s important to us and we chase after it, only to have the carrot replaced with something new – the stick moved a bit further down. I tried to figure out the root of all evil, if you will, it brought me to THE MEDIA.

Don’t think this is a bash against CNN you Democrats, because I’m talking Fox here too. The CNN anchor just happened to be easier on the eyes. I’m talking ESPN, MSNBC, social networking sites(ads), Youtube(ads), radio…hell, I can do this all day. Which, going by my clock, ended seven minutes ago. My point here is that our lives are being driven by what the media tells us is important. We’re allowing our values and identities to be molded by news anchors with cheap pearls and fake smiles. UNPLUG IT.

I’m telling you, as a Minimalist, that life is much better without the interference. The average teenager spends three hours a day on a computer, doing non-school related things. THREE! What in the hell could be so imperative that our children need three hours a day to be online, and, even more disturbing, we are letting them! I’m constantly hearing people complain about cyber spying, identity theft and so forth. Just unplug. It’s very simple. I do it 27 or 28 days a month and it does wonders for the soul. You begin to see things around you that you may have missed before. Like that child who is begging for your attention. You begin to care less about a potential war in foreign lands that we all know is being forced to profit the corporations that control us, and more about what truly matters. Like the impeccable beauty of a cloud-filled sky that is radiant orange with sunset.Put down the smart phone and pick up a book. If you can’t do without your favorite television programs, buy them on disc. Use video games in moderation and play them offline. If the provider(yes Microsoft, I’m looking at you) REQUIRES you to be online to play games you’ve already purchased, tell them to fuck off and play something else!

I remember when the internet went mainstream. It promised to change the world, and, it has. We’re now a world full of idiots who “can’t” live without Facebook, YouTube or a stack of other timesucks that steal you away from those who need you the most. Your family. Keep the propaganda-filled television programs off and use the internet sparingly. Then, and only then, will you find the inner-peace of Minimalism. My two cents. -John

The Self-Publishing Survival Guide

An excerpt from my newest novel, The Self-Publishing Survival Guide.


Sly Stallone once encouraged me with a book he had written on fitness. He said following a dream means to do something you would gladly do for free. Know what you want, that you have it inside of you to get there and let nothing stop you. Eventually the money will come. It may not sound like strong advice at first, but it changed my life. I was a college student majoring in fitness training, but as I said before, miserable. Funny how a book on fitness convinced me I could follow my dream of writing, leaving a career in fitness to do so.

I realized that not every author has to have an extensive degree in literature in order to write for a living. Writing is entertainment, and that is something many authors have long forgotten. So I began my blind journey into the world of publishing, no knowledge of how anything worked. Simply armed with the confidence that I COULD do it as well as anyone before me. I hope I have shown you how to publish your first novel with this book. I also hope that you apply my personal marketing strategy and make it to the top of the writing world. I truly do.

But, if nothing else, I want you to walk away from this book and know inside of yourself that you belong. By purchasing this book you have admitted that you are either published or have dreams of one day being published. Whichever is the case, YOU BELONG. You do not have to convince the rest of the world. You do not have to convince agents, or publishing houses or even your own family! You just have to convince yourself that you were born to be an author and that you belong.



Back in 2012, there was a fiasco between Lendink (an eBook lending/piracy website) and hundreds of authors (myself included). Until now, only one side of the story has been heard. We orchestrated a “witch-hunt” if you’re to believe those who were on the outside looking in. Back porch detectives bloomed like weeds and they were all carrying screenshots of authors and their websites. I’m proud to say that I’m one of the very few authors who never caved in. I never offered an apology, nor will I. Now it’s time for the other version of the story to be told. By me (not Claire the makeshift reporter who “interviewed me” back in 2012).
Thanks for the info, Claire. Actually, I didn’t remove the page. I added links to my books and transformed the page into a “buy my books” page. It’s what us indie authors do when a blog page is landing thousands of hits each day. As I’m sure you gathered from our interview (which is fancy talk for you trying to preach KDP service terms to me), I had no problem standing by my decision to help shut Lendink down.
I respect your belief in the matter, even if you had absolutely no clue as to what you were talking about. I went through many hoops to secure the cover art of my first book, Gunship. It wasn’t just some second-hand stock photo that is so common among authors. This was a photo that I chased for many months and called in a heap of favors. I finally got permission to use the photo, legally, with the understanding that I would be the only person in charge of said photo. I also explained to you (more than once), that, after contacting the web host directly, the photo was stored on a server (not mirrored from Amazon). In fact, I sent multiple emails to Lendink asking that it be taken down. Just the single book cover. Not too much to ask, right?
Wrong. Not only did I not receive a reply, but after contacting Amazon I was directed (by Amazon) to send a cease and desist to the web host as it was the only avenue to pursue. I, along with several authors, sent our notices to Lendink for various reasons. Some considered what they were doing to be piracy. Others disagreed with the eBook lending system in general. We had to bend over the table and take it from Amazon in order to sell our books on the Kindle. I get that. But this was our chance to thumb them in the eye, make a statement in the world of digital media and take Lendink (or its ownership practices) offline. So we did.
As death threats began coming in from online trolls who apparently hoarded up every free book they could find, many of the authors who stood with me either deleted their accounts or apologized in the face of an angry online mob. But I didn’t. I just sat back and listened to Lendink’s owner talk out of both sides of his mouth through Facebook. He “was” an associate. He “wasn’t” an associate. He “wasn’t” earning income from the site. We were ripping his “only income” away from him. No. We were getting someone away from the realm of lending digital books that had no business being there in the first place.
I stood pretty much alone when the smoke cleared and I’m proud of that fact. As hundreds of hate emails flowed into my email inbox each day, I had an assistant of mine read through them and cherry pick the actual emails out for me. Sad, but true. I would do it all over again. Why? Because I’m a man of principals, that’s why. It’s not OK to operate a website that deals with other people’s writing and fail to reply to emails. It’s not OK to send death threats to female authors because your honey hole of free books has been stripped away from you. And to the authors who jumped to the other side of the fence after the shit storm began, it’s not OK to take the path of a coward. I’ve never been one to cower to any sort of mob when I believe I’m right. I’ve no problem standing up for what I believe.
So, to the dozens of “angry readers” who resorted to trolling my work online and leaving 1-star reviews in an attempt to stall my career. You lost. Three years later I penned a best-seller and have 23 books (and counting) to my credit. In the end, Lendink is no more and those who made the death threats against my fellow authors still reside in their parent’s basement somewhere. Meanwhile, I’m launching a small publishing company with people that I’ve grown to trust. People with integrity. Perhaps the back porch detectives should have studied that word just a bit harder, rather than piling onto those who displayed it. But, just in case…


Charlie Sheen

Well, I guess this post should have been called “Our obsession with Charlie Sheen”. Because let’s face it, we are. His new show just set a ratings record, which tells me his fans were tuned in to watch the #winning while those who loathe him tuned in to watch him fail.

But why does anyone hate Charile Sheen? I mean really? Think about this.

Charile Sheen turned out to be the living, breathing version of 2 1/2’s Charlie Harper. Why is it alright to watch the show and laugh so much, but then hate him in real life for essentially living that lifestyle? I mean, what exactly did he do other than speak his mind? Too often these days, we are fed softcore public addresses by actors, athletes and so forth. They don’t prepare these, they hire people to do that for them. A PR team who has the job of helping the star save face in front of the world by delivering to them exactly what they want to hear.

Enter Charlie Sheen. He spoke his mind(while throwing in some strange phrases, I’ll give you that). But he spoke his mind. He didn’t hide under a rock when accused of his lifestyle, but instead announced that he indeed lived it because…well because he can. In my opinion, it was a fresh change to be told truthfully that a mainstream actor used prostitutes, drugs and binge drank like a felon. Did a PR team swoop in and have him deliver a damage control apology two days later? No. He isn’t apologizing, because that’s who he is. He’s not ashamed, and he shouldn’t be. He’s truthful, passionate about it and above all…#winning.


RT Contest Winners!

Alright everyone, I know it sounds like the average post-contest cookie cutter script, but I REALLY do appreciate each and every RT of Gunship: Reflections that has been sent out on Twitter since it first launched. I would send everyone an autograph package, but only have a handful at the moment. As promised, I will be sending the ten followers who promoted Gunship the hardest a package that includes:

An autographed Sasha/Reflections 4×6 photo signed by myself.


An autographed photo Sarah/Roman Empire 4×6 signed by cover model Amanda Elizabeth.


@thesamwicked, @rtabb, @galaxycurse, @runnetib, @gen22y, @hwilson2009, @ThatPanicGirleE, @littlecinnamon, @AimeeUberGeek and @JWStevensBooks

If your Twitter handle is on this list, DM me on Twitter with a mailing address, and please make sure it’s a correct one. I’d hate for you to win the contest and have your mail sent to someone named Sam in Calgary. Also keep in mind it will take a couple of weeks to give everyone time to send me an address, so expect your two autographs to arrive around this time next month. Except for you @galaxycurse, b/c I have no idea how long it will take to get to you. But it will be coming 🙂

If your Twitter handle isn’t on this list, don’t worry. I plan on giving away several items in the near future including t-shirts! You can also guarantee yourself an autograph by purchasing the Gunship Trilogy in paperback when it releases at the end of June.

Again, thanks to EVERYONE who helped make this book launch a success and as always I invite you to visit the Gunship Portal.