John M. Davis


It’s pretty simple, really. Because I’m the only pulp writer who isn’t running away from being branded as such. While most professional authors try to dress up their work as something “better” and then pay for reviews – I don’t. I’ve never, ever paid for a review and I never will. Simply put, I enjoy writing and have a story to tell. Rather than spend countless hours on social media sites coaxing people into buying my next “blockbuster”, I just sit down and write like hell. Like a scalded dog, actually. My stories are short (by design), they read like graphic novels and they’re usually serialized. Why? Because my core readers like them that way. I don’t sit down with a thesaurus and bombard my readers with fancy words that don’t fit. Instead, I do everything in my power to help them escape to another place for a couple of hours.

I (along with my editor, who’s fantastic) work very hard to give you my best. I offer several freebies and they’ve been downloaded across the board nearly 100,000 times. Which, to be blunt, is why they’re reviewed as either 5-star or 1-star and rarely in-between. Ever seen a fan of paranormal romance read a book about saloons in space? It ain’t pretty. Yet they continue to scoop my books up because they’re free. What’s a guy supposed to do?

My work has been compared to Firefly (TV show), Sir Terry Pratchett and Edgar Rice Burroughs “from the grave”. Strange, seeing as how I share the same birthday as Edgar Rice Burroughs and have been a lifelong fan of his work. I write hard, we edit the stories to the best of our ability, price them to be very affordable and send them off into the world like proud children – then it’s on to the next story. That’s true pulp fashion. I embrace my lot in the writing world and that, my dear friends, has brought a sense of freedom that can’t be replaced. I invite you to download a free book and discover why Dalton James (Gunship/Fleet) gets more actual fan mail than I do.



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