Redd Long Canon 6REDD is an upcoming film by Patrick A. Prejusa and bestselling author John M. Davis is working closely with Patrick on novelizing the story! Nothing is concrete just yet, but REDD is a story that John has stood behind since day one.

“From the moment I saw the first trailer of REDD, I knew I had to be a part of the franchise. I contacted Patrick and things went from there. He’s an amazing director and we seem to have the same vision when it comes to science fiction. From the standpoint of both author and fan, I can’t wait to sink my teeth into REDD.” -John Davis

Again, the details of this collaborative effort haven’t been reached – but they’re coming soon. REDD should eventually be available across all major eBook platforms, in paperback and, of course, on DVD and digital download. For more information, visit:

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One thought on “REDD

  1. I have stuttered and stalled so much in writing my first novel, it’s unbelievable. Your last paragraph struck home. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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