Kate Gosselin

It’s a sure bet that even though I have only typed her name, anyone reading this is already going into attack or defend mode.  I know this, because yesterday I tweeted(@johndavisbooks) a complement in her direction and woke this morning to find a lot of hate mail.  I’m serious people, I am used to reading about ten or so emails a day from fans of my Gunship series on Kindle but this morning I ran into a wall of sixty or more.  I had planned on blogging about video games of the 1980’s, but this many trolls fighting for a single flag deserves it’s own blog.

A blog to defend myself and my comment.  Yes, I am among the minority of society in the fact that when I make a comment, I stand beside it no matter what.  If people get offended then they get offended, everyone has an opinion and I refuse to change mine to suit the feelings of others.  Yes, I think Kate Gosselin is an amazing woman.  And yes Twitter trolls, my wife knows this.  I am a one woman man who is madly in love with my wife and she is well aware of the fact.  I also think Kate Beckinsale is amazing(the name Kate, what is up with that?).

Honestly, the fact that so many negative responses flooded my Twitter lets me know a couple of things.  First, for these people to have even found my Tweet, they must be borderline stalking Kate.  Combing through Twitter all hours of the day looking for Tweets directed her way.  I mean, really?  Second, all but one of the comments sported the mighty egg avatar.  This leads me to assume that you are decked out in dirty underwear and sitting in momma’s basement at the time of posting.  Of course the one and only message to have an actual photo consisted of a bearded unicorn, and I’m still not sure what to make of that.

So let me explain my feelings in detail.  Again, Kate Gosselin is an amazing woman.  I have done my best to avoid the forum of public opinion and tabloid rag mags, watching her only in interviews and the such.  I can tell you as a father of two, taking care of eight kids has to be a tough task.  I’m sure she has help, but still it has to be daunting.  Let’s not forget that for a mother of eight she looks amazing!  I’m sure that hate mail will flood in for that last statement, but it is what it is.  I won’t deny the fact that she is a very beautiful woman just to keep the social media trolls at bay.  The other factor in my high opinion of Kate is the following.  If I got so much hate mail for a single comment, I can only imagine what her inbox looks like daily.  For that matter, going anywhere in public when a bulk of society has formed this bitterness of her based on a story they read in Star Magazine.  I couldn’t imagine how tough that would have to be.  Still, she remains the same and moves forward.  A very tough chick!

In closing, “What about those poor kids?” will likely be the big argument from many of you.  I can tell you from my own personal experience, their childhood looks pretty damn good compared to many other children out there.  Mine included.

P.S. My Twitter friend @familystories made me aware of “Women Cards” yesterday.  I had no idea they were for real, but now I’m leaning toward blogging about them next time.


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One thought on “Kate Gosselin

  1. Nice post John! I am in agreement on both Kate’s! Ive also been on that end of the stick for a nice comment for Kate Gosslin also. Those nasty eggs just come pouring out of the basement. Looking forward to 80’s video games! 😎

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