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If you have recently purchased my paperback book Gunship congrats! You now own something very limited, you own a proof copy. Allow me to explain. In most cases, an author will ready his/her book for print and then order a proof copy before sending it out into the world. Not me. I sent it out into the world first, ordering a copy for myself in the process. When sales of the book reach 100, I plan to pull Gunship from print during what I am dubbing the “Re:Launch”. And yes, it has been planned for some time.

I have been working several hours a day on this closely with a graphics artist locally, getting things ready. Want proof? The Gunship: Reflections cover is floating around and making noise. The cover for Gunship: Glimmeria was changed out last night, and the original Gunship cover is undergoing improvements as well. Each book will Re:Launch as it’s own paperback soon.

I wanted my true supporters to own a proof copy of Gunship on paperback. There are still a few left before sales hit 100, but they are moving quickly. I knew from day one that true fans and supporters of the series would jump on the book as soon as it hit print, and owning something truly very limited is my way of saying THANK YOU! If you already own a copy, hang on to it and know that it is the same proof that my own family has for their collection. If not, order you copy now before they are gone. The Re:Launch books will be standard size and mass produced, the version currently offered is a bit more flashy(and includes two books).

Re:Launch plans:

Gunship(standard size paperback) will replace proof version when sales hit 100 as well as ebook format.

Gunship: Glimmeria will go live in standard paperback as well as ebook format.

Gunship: Reflections will go live in standard paperback as well as ebook format.

The Gunship Trilogy will go live in paperback(6×9) and will include several photos, glossed cover and tons of bonus material. Interviews, scenes originally edited out etc. It will also be available in ebook format, replacing Gunship: Dual Strike.

Thanks for taking a few moments to read this blog! Re:Launch is right around the corner.

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