A Doctor Who post?

First off, let me just set the record straight. I in no way, shape or form and giving my opinion on Doctor Who(at least not yet). I have landed a lot of messages on Twitter as of late, messages shaming me for openly admitting I have never seen the show Doctor Who. As if that wasn’t shameful enough, I write science fiction for a living. I can’t be a true science fiction fan unless I’ve seen Doctor Who(or so I’m told).

So, based on all of the concerned Twitter folk out there, I took the time today to check out the official Doctor Who website (and in case you haven’t checked out mine, here you go). My first impression is that it looks damn original. I loved the feel of the site, and pride my own writing as being original. It made me want more, so I intend to begin the series this week. I’m starting with the more recent of the Doctor Who series and if that one is as good as I’ve heard, I’m sure I will then jump back in time to the original.

So what exactly is the point of this blog? Great question(you mean you’re still here?). I plan to continue posting to it as I move along in the Doctor Who series. A poor man’s journal entry system if you will. The posts may only come every few day as I am currently finishing up on the third book of my Gunship series, so please bear with me. I just feel that where there is smoke there is usually fire, and when dozens of emails hit my computer telling me this show is great…then it may in fact be.

Until then, if you are out there reading this post and are new to Doctor Who as well, let’s take the journey together. I hope to see some comments here soon. And for any Doctor Who fans out there who have finished the series, consider giving mine a try if you have the time.

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