I was a Tardis virgin, so to speak.

Yes, I write science fiction. I also throw out a blog here and there(just in case anyone reads this drivel). My platform to bitch, point fingers and so forth. However, nothing comes to mind at the moment, so I thought I would simply explain what a crazy couple of weeks it has been.

Doctor Who. Yep, finally took the plunge and began watching this show. I stepped out of my normal comfort zone of Firefly, Battlestar Galactica and Stargate to try something new. I was a Tardis virgin, so to speak. My honest opinion so far, it rocks. The upside to this franchise is amazing. Rose is hotter than forty Hades, the Doctor(season 1) can act his ass off and the intro theme(Tardis theme I think it is) has started to haunt my every thought. Only downside to this show that I have seen so far is less than decent acting by a few secondary characters. I would accuse the guy Rose “dates” of not being able to act, but it’s more than likely only jealousy talking. Her mom on the other hand, cannot act worth a damn. Over half done with season 1, and so the journey continues.

Hope no virgins reading this were offended by it’s title. Everyone gets offended so damn easily these days. Wait, what’s this? Blog material for next time?


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3 thoughts on “I was a Tardis virgin, so to speak.

  1. Welcome aboard, John. All of the Doctors of recent times have been great. You won’t regret watching. And while I would be the first to agree Rose’s Mum has a certain shrewish presence, she’s still gold when trouble comes to town.

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