The Gunship Giveaway.

*UPDATE* Gunship: Reflections can now be found HERE!



So, in case you haven’t heard, Gunship: Reflections is going live this Monday(5/21). A lot of authors throw together promotions in order to spread the word during a book launch. Giving away Kindles, autographed books or even vital organs. I have pretty much seen it all. And while you may fancy my spleen, I’m pretty sure I need it. So I had to come up with something a bit different.

My promotion is pretty simple, and all you have to do is #RT the book link on Twitter when it goes live. I am going to be giving away TEN sets of autographed photos(pictured above). Each set includes a glossy photo of all three trilogy book covers and they will be autographed as follows. Gunship/Amanda Elizabeth Glimmeria/Scott McGregor and Reflections/myself. You heard right. Gunship will be autographed by THE Sarah Blaine that appears on the cover, Glimmeria will be autographed by THE Adam Michaels who appears on the cover and Reflections will be autographed by the guy who wrote the novels. Sorry, the pictured frame is not included 🙂

How do you win? The TEN people who send out the most RT’s of the new book link from Monday 5/21 to 7/1 win. It’s that simple. Please don’t spam your followers, it’s tacky. And yes, I realize that’s over a month long. Amanda lives out of state and is(out of the goodness of her heart) autographing hers by mail, so it will take until 7/1 to have them ready. I will select FIVE members of my “Inner Circle”(as a thank you to your already dedicated RT’s) and FIVE Twitter followers.

On 7/1 I will contact the 5 members of my “Inner Circle” who sent the most RT’s and the 5 Twitter followers who sent the most RT’s, get their mailing address and send them a collection. I pay shipping, and have even purchased matching Sharpies for the signatures. This way you can frame the art and hang them(that’s what I do), or sell them on EBAY and maybe fetch enough for a Big Mac combo. The possibilites are endless. So get your #RT finger ready everyone, because sometime early Monday morning I will begin posting the official link to Gunship: Reflections!


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