Skyla System

The Skyla System is the fictional universe in which the Gunship series, Fleet series and The Colony take place. It’s a mashup of military science fiction, western and fantasy themes. Orc wielding swords against steampunk vampires? Yea, we’ve got that. Begin the story today:

gunshipflight fleet1


Fictional city where zombie cowboys like to hang out. It’s our world, two decades after the zombie outbreak. And trust me, anything goes. Begin the story today:



This series is set in an alternative universe which is part fantasy and part steampunk. There’s a bit of magic involved, and one of the lead characters just happens to be a detective who drinks too much. Begin the story today:



Arcstead City is the fictional world of my series American Superhero. The mayor and his champions fight against Frank Nemesis, who has an army of baddies at his disposal. Shady detectives, lion men, vampires and biker gangs, just to name a few. Begin the story today:



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One thought on “Worlds

  1. John, thanks for sharing this-what an interesting perspective, and it certainly seems true. When I first started using average ratings to influence my purchases, I never bothered checking how many ratings a book had received, but within the last two years, I have started factoring in the number of reviews as well. This becomes problematic with new books, however, because by virtue of it being a new book, there aren’t many readers and consequently just a few reviews.

    Sorry to hear about another author taking retribution based on your review-that’s not very mature. I think it’s even more difficult as an author critiquing the work of other authors. Here’s a link to an interesting podcast that discusses just this topic:

    Thanks again!

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