RT Contest Winners!

Alright everyone, I know it sounds like the average post-contest cookie cutter script, but I REALLY do appreciate each and every RT of Gunship: Reflections that has been sent out on Twitter since it first launched. I would send everyone an autograph package, but only have a handful at the moment. As promised, I will be sending the ten followers who promoted Gunship the hardest a package that includes:

An autographed Sasha/Reflections 4×6 photo signed by myself.


An autographed photo Sarah/Roman Empire 4×6 signed by cover model Amanda Elizabeth.


@thesamwicked, @rtabb, @galaxycurse, @runnetib, @gen22y, @hwilson2009, @ThatPanicGirleE, @littlecinnamon, @AimeeUberGeek and @JWStevensBooks

If your Twitter handle is on this list, DM me on Twitter with a mailing address, and please make sure it’s a correct one. I’d hate for you to win the contest and have your mail sent to someone named Sam in Calgary. Also keep in mind it will take a couple of weeks to give everyone time to send me an address, so expect your two autographs to arrive around this time next month. Except for you @galaxycurse, b/c I have no idea how long it will take to get to you. But it will be coming 🙂

If your Twitter handle isn’t on this list, don’t worry. I plan on giving away several items in the near future including t-shirts! You can also guarantee yourself an autograph by purchasing the Gunship Trilogy in paperback when it releases at the end of June.

Again, thanks to EVERYONE who helped make this book launch a success and as always I invite you to visit the Gunship Portal.

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