Charlie Sheen

Well, I guess this post should have been called “Our obsession with Charlie Sheen”. Because let’s face it, we are. His new show just set a ratings record, which tells me his fans were tuned in to watch the #winning while those who loathe him tuned in to watch him fail.

But why does anyone hate Charile Sheen? I mean really? Think about this.

Charile Sheen turned out to be the living, breathing version of 2 1/2’s Charlie Harper. Why is it alright to watch the show and laugh so much, but then hate him in real life for essentially living that lifestyle? I mean, what exactly did he do other than speak his mind? Too often these days, we are fed softcore public addresses by actors, athletes and so forth. They don’t prepare these, they hire people to do that for them. A PR team who has the job of helping the star save face in front of the world by delivering to them exactly what they want to hear.

Enter Charlie Sheen. He spoke his mind(while throwing in some strange phrases, I’ll give you that). But he spoke his mind. He didn’t hide under a rock when accused of his lifestyle, but instead announced that he indeed lived it because…well because he can. In my opinion, it was a fresh change to be told truthfully that a mainstream actor used prostitutes, drugs and binge drank like a felon. Did a PR team swoop in and have him deliver a damage control apology two days later? No. He isn’t apologizing, because that’s who he is. He’s not ashamed, and he shouldn’t be. He’s truthful, passionate about it and above all…#winning.



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