The Self-Publishing Survival Guide

An excerpt from my newest novel, The Self-Publishing Survival Guide.


Sly Stallone once encouraged me with a book he had written on fitness. He said following a dream means to do something you would gladly do for free. Know what you want, that you have it inside of you to get there and let nothing stop you. Eventually the money will come. It may not sound like strong advice at first, but it changed my life. I was a college student majoring in fitness training, but as I said before, miserable. Funny how a book on fitness convinced me I could follow my dream of writing, leaving a career in fitness to do so.

I realized that not every author has to have an extensive degree in literature in order to write for a living. Writing is entertainment, and that is something many authors have long forgotten. So I began my blind journey into the world of publishing, no knowledge of how anything worked. Simply armed with the confidence that I COULD do it as well as anyone before me. I hope I have shown you how to publish your first novel with this book. I also hope that you apply my personal marketing strategy and make it to the top of the writing world. I truly do.

But, if nothing else, I want you to walk away from this book and know inside of yourself that you belong. By purchasing this book you have admitted that you are either published or have dreams of one day being published. Whichever is the case, YOU BELONG. You do not have to convince the rest of the world. You do not have to convince agents, or publishing houses or even your own family! You just have to convince yourself that you were born to be an author and that you belong.


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