In 2011, John M. Davis published his first work. Gunship was everything cool about science fiction, without the technobabble. As a debut novel, Gunship surpassed many flagship brands to eventually land in the #2 overall spot in its genre(Kindle) before sliding back down. Such an impressive debut warranted a sequel.

Nearly a month after its peak, Gunship: Glimmeria was underway. In fact, John began working on an entire universe filled with unique races, fantastic places and weaponry that readers fell in love with. Both Gunship: Glimmeria and Gunship: Reflections(#3) peaked in the Kindle Top 20, as did Gunship: Legendary(#5). The series returned with The Fleet, which, once again, hit the #2 overall spot and brought even more readers to the party. 

If you’re new to Gunship, expect Vampires, Orc, interstellar war, saloon fights, humor, blade fighting and a bit of whiskey. Sound like your kind of science fiction? Enlist in the Gunship crew today!



*Includes Gunship, Glimmeria(Book 2), Reflections(Book 3), Gears and Spears(Book 4) and Legendary(Book 5).


 Fleet: Trilogy(coming soon) on KINDLE, NOOK, KOBO, ITUNES, SMASHWORDS and PAPERBACK

*Includes The Fleet, The Fleet: Blood War and The Fleet: Chaotic Worlds.




 (Above) Amanda Elizabeth(Gunship’s Sarah Blaine) signing promotional flats to be given away during the Gunship: Legendary launch.


 (Above) The day Gunship arrived to the table of elite science fiction.


 (Above) Final paperback proof of Gunship: Glimmeria featuring Scott McGregor as Adam Michaels.


(Above) Serenity Valley Publishing’s editor, Daniel, flaunting his copy of Gunship in paperback.


(Above) John M. Davis at Barnes & Noble in Roanoke, Virginia. Gunship was in stock!

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