Guardian Angel


Guardian Angel II(Berlin War)

Release date: June 1st!

(Paperback, Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Smashwords)

Demons. Not the kind spawned from Hell, but those which invaded our world one chilled November morning. They call themselves Ancients.

Humanity has seen such destruction. The world around us turned to rubble, while most of us have either fallen victim to the murder of war or the oppression of slavery. And now that our race is on the verge of extinction, the queen of demons will reveal herself, bringing along prototype soldiers laced with the power of the elements.

And while our survivors remain divided, so does the heart of Alicia Lucard. Once upon a time, her foremost concern was the daily cheat of her own demise. But love has a way of complicating things. And with love comes great responsibility on the heels of an even greater guilt. A heart quickly falling for two.

Now humanity is tasked with putting its differences aside, working together against the sky-born race of alien soldiers. And one of their finest will be forced to choose a single lover, forever damning the other.


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