My first Black Friday.

With the Christmas shopping already done, we decided to hit our local Wal-Mart to browse the deals anyway. And yes, it was my first Black Friday experience.

Let me start off by saying, I’ve officially lost faith in Humanity. Only we would give thanks for the important things in life on the same day we’re willing to physically take what we want. I was (un) lucky enough to see a pillow fight break out in the bedding section over pillows, and got a text later letting me know there had also been a fistfight. Over pillows.

When I arrived an hour before the big sale started, only to find they were out of carts, I knew I was about to step into another dimension. A dimension of baby dolls, discounted pajamas and as I quickly found, Blu-Rays! I walked into the store and refused to be rude. I helped people grab things from shelves, spoke nicely to everyone I saw, and when the sale officially began, actually stepped aside to let an elderly woman pass and hit the Bratz dolls first. It brought stares of disbelief and I’m pretty sure even the title of idiot by many.

In closing, this is what I learned through my first Black Friday experience:

1. Any hope for the true meaning of Christmas is officially gone.

2. Wal-Mart truly is the devil. And, though none of the associates at my store were on strike, they seemed to be in spirit.

3. Apparently nobody reads. Pallets of books remained untouched, while people cursed and fought over tech items and bedding. Leading me to realize we have grown both ignorant and lazy.

4. Respect for the elderly no longer exists. Which, to be honest, is sad.

5. Parenting is all but gone as the new fad seemed to be teenage girls dressed like prostitutes, complete with boots.

In closing, I’ll go back next year. But I’ll make sure the Christmas shopping is finished first. The wife and I stopped for coffee afterwards, and turned it into a ‘date night’. Not to mention, I got my hands on some great Blu-Rays! Lord of the Rings anyone?



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