The Matrix

As a disclaimer, I’m both patriot and proud to reside in the greatest country on this planet. America. That said, my name is John Davis and I approve this message. WARNING. The following blog, if entered into with an open mind, may or may not alter the way you see everything around you. If youContinue reading “The Matrix”


Pocketbooks, biker bars and our homeless.

I know, I know. Two blogs in a week. I can’t believe it either. Having just returned from vacation, I thought it would be a great chance to express a few of the many things I noticed around me while in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Like the name of this blog post? It’s due in part toContinue reading “Pocketbooks, biker bars and our homeless.”

Long awaited #80’s post!

Alright, so it’s no secret that music is fantastic. It’s also safe to assume you each know the awesomeness of the 1980’s. Don’t agree? Walk away from the computer, slap yourself, welcome back. Let’s try that again…music from the 1980’s is great(for the most part). So, I belong to a 1980’s music club on Twitter.Continue reading “Long awaited #80’s post!”