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It seems like anyone and everyone is backing a foundation these days. That Dre rapper guy has those ridiculously priced headphones, Tom Cruise is backing Scientology and Sarah McLachlan supports PETA. And let’s face it, I don’t care how good your life is going or what cloud you’re riding, when she comes on TV with the animals, your entire weekend is ruined. So, I’m really nobody in the profession of writing, but some friends and I have decided to do own thing here. The Live Real Foundation.

I’m not asking for money here, people, I’m asking for a little effort on your part. The Live Real Foundation is here to convince people that life without the internet is possible. We’re not saying kick it to the curb forever, just limit it. Each moment you spend with your face buried in a smart phone, you’re missing a moment here in the real world that you’ll never get back. Every session of online gaming wastes hours of your actual life. Personally, I’ve scaled my internet use back to one day each month. That way I can plug in, answer tweets and email, update readers on my progress in the world of writing, catch up with friends a bit and then unplug for the month. A single day each month is plenty. Put down the cell phone and pick up a book. You’ll be amazed at how much enjoyment a good book can bring, as opposed to a bloody million picks of dinners and duck faces on Facebook. Internet addiction is real, people, but living without it can be done. I’m John M. Davis, best-selling author and avid fan of real life, and I approve this message.

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