Immortal is a brand new fantasy series from author John M. Davis. Book one is expected to release sometime this summer and should be a healthy addition to the swords and sorcery genre:


Legend speaks of a time between the cradle of civilization in Mesopotamia and the rise of the Maya Empire. A period when the thirst of vicious enemies pushed north from the forbidden lands and pierced into the spine of Earth, much like the swords which took cessation upon their banner.

Likewise, the kingdoms of the furthest north, their castles resting atop mountains of sheen ice, advanced south. Bringing unrelenting chaos to those who had enjoyed centuries of peace and prosperity. Advanced in both magic and weaponry.

The Spine War. Our fragile planet now divided into three factions with a common hatred for one another. The kingdoms of ice had their frost giants and damned mounted dragons. While the brothers of humanity had the loyalest of knights and friendship of elves. Those invading from the southern forbidden lands were anchored by warriors of dark complexion. Be it orc or men of the desert sands, they were joined by the unnatural fury of vampires.

Our world ripped with chaos, or so is the legend. Each faction with its own cause and justification. Each faction with its own heroes. Some of which were thought to be immortal.”

Be sure to check back often for updates as Immortal: The Ice Queen prepares to launch!



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