*Amanda Elizabeth(Sarah) of Gunship signing flats for the Gunship: Legendary launch.


What exactly is Gunship? Well, the best way to describe it would be a mixture of everything that’s cool about science fiction, fantasy and steampunk, all rolled into one. The series has been a massive hit with readers, with the second installment hitting #2 briefly in Kindle Scifi. It even soared past every Star Wars book listed in the same category for a “whopping” two hours.

What readers are saying:

“I highly recommend this series! And coming from a person who really doesn’t like sci-fi all that much, makes it all the more surprising! I can’t wait to finish out the series!”

“Gunship got a wonderful mix of space flights, vampires, wild west type whiskey saloons and even a hint of romance.”

Gunship has galactic war, vampires, orc, saloons filled with whiskey, zombies, smoking revolvers, true love…the list goes on! As a fan of science fiction, it’s written in a way that bypasses all of the techno babble which usually comes along with the genre and gives readers exactly what they want. A story to care about, a set of characters to fall in love with and, most importantly, a reason to come back.



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