Guardian Angel



*Alicia Lucard of Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel is a story of post-apocalyptic survival. When it comes to fighting a superior race from the stars, Alicia Lucard is the best we have. She’s also the most complex. During the fight for survival, Alicia will battle her own emotions as she’s torn between two lovers.

What readers are saying:

“Guardian Angel is a well-written science-fiction thriller that will have you hooked the moment you begin reading. John Davis writes a brilliant story of the survival for the human race against hostile aliens who see humans as cattle.”

“He creates a set of awesome characters, I always tend to fall in love with immediately. I find myself wondering what the future holds for them.”

A technologically advanced race dives into our atmosphere to source humanity as food. Instead, the tall grey bastards and their amber-eyed faces of brutality find that we are not prepared to go quietly. Love is the strongest weapon of all. Capable of changing lives and, perhaps, saving the world.




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