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IMMORTAL – 12/2014

Thousands of years before recorded history as we know it, our planet was torn by the Spine War. Orc and forces of the supernatural battle humanity’s finest warriors in a struggle for power and freedom.



Lost City – 12/2014

This brand new science fiction series focuses on the discovery of the mythological underwater city, Atlantis. Within the walls of this fantastic city, however, is anything but what mankind had hoped for.



Fleet: Chaotic Worlds – 3/2015

Dalton James mounts support as his best friend, Adam Michaels, stands trial. With the ship of their dreams nearly complete, it will take every trick in the smuggling book to attempt a clean getaway.





























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2 thoughts on “Current Projects

  1. I think you will find exercising will actually help your writing. For me, I create playlists for my books as I’m creating an outline, then when I exercise I listen to them for inspiration and it helps me focus on my characters and the plot lines. Whenever I get stuck, I go to the gym and it works! Stephen King walks something like 6 miles a day so, it seems to work for him too.
    Good luck with the writing and the running!

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