Taking Over The Universe

Alright, maybe not the whole universe. In fact, Jason Halstead and I may be limited to just this neighborhood. But watch out boys and girls, because the neighborhood is ours. Jason and I have joined forces, so to speak, when it comes to bringing you fantastic books to read. We’ve decided to link some of our work together, meaning readers will now have the option to enjoy great excerpts of his books when finishing up one of mine, and vice verse. We’ve even went as far as to include this nifty thing called a link, which is brand new technology to us self-published authors. At least if you buy into the stigma that surrounds us.

The truth is, I had actually read several of Jason’s books prior to this little unification of world powers, and I’m a huge fan. I was immediately drawn to his Voidhawk series. Jason does a great job when it comes to painting vibrant worlds, giving his characters a personality and delivering the goods. He’s almost like the local delivery driver, except you don’t need to tip him. He just shows up(via download), tells this fantastic tale, and then asks for less money than a cup of coffee. Pretty neat huh?

I encourage you to check him out. I’m even leaving a clickable cover that will lead you straight to a FREE copy of his book.




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