What Writing Means To Me

I will succeed.

And in doing so, I will not apologize because I enjoy what I do. I will not apologize because I love my job, especially to those who cannot stand their own situation and would use me as a whipping post. I am truly, to the pit of my soul, happy. I’m the happiest I have ever been, and it is because the world of writing has allowed me to finally earn a living doing what I love to do.

I want to thank everyone who has ever supported my work, through purchases or helping to spread the word. Because without you, I would be back in some warehouse or widget factory for someone who’s telling me what I’m worth an hour. Instead, I answer only to God, my family, and my readers. And that’s alright by me. I am the Book Commander and I will succeed.


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8 thoughts on “What Writing Means To Me

  1. Writing is not typically a real job. There’s not a boss breathing down yourneck, at least not until you get contracted work. You really have to be your own boss, disciplined and all that. To make it as a writer means quite a bit and to go indie and take on the marketing, promotion, etc. takes a very strong person. We all have doubts if we will succeed; doubly so when on our own. Keep living the dream!

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