Vampires. Now I may be showing my age when it comes to this blog, but that’s fine by me. I come from an age where MTV played music, cartoons focused on entertainment rather than teaching multiple languages and vampires didn’t suck. Face that is. Sure, there was the movie Vamp, but it kicked ass. I’m talking about the plowing of fields that are fresh with high school girls(and twenty somethings who just can’t let it go) when it comes to marketing. Is this upcoming generation of girls(and possibly a few guys, I won’t judge) really this desperate for romance?

Yes. They are.

A sad time has fallen onto us, trading in Patrick Swayze of Dirty Dancing for Rob(I forget his last name) of Twilight. Is there any comparison here? I’m a fan of Roadhouse myself, but you understand where I’m going with this. Yes? As Paula Cole once asked, where have all the cowboys gone? For every Norman Reedus, we’re hit with 100 Taylor Lautners.

Axl Rose *cough* Justin Bieber. Two points to this blog. One, I need sleep. Two, the world around us has gone soft. We’ve traded backyard football and mixtapes for iPads and apps. And people with the blue tooth earpieces, enough already. You look like idiots. Please Chevy, stop building metrosexual Corvettes and start making time machines. They could take the cool people back to the days of cool, and actually be worth the purchase.

So how does this blog end? Wesley Snipes for president.



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6 thoughts on “Vampires.

  1. I really need to watch the Blade trilogy. I will be sad if he doesn’t kill a few sparklers. Not writing vampires yet, but I might need to throw some in a story for this very purpose. Hey! Blade vs. Twilight fanfic. Hmmm…

    1. The best thing about the surge in vampires(zombies I get, vampires I don’t), is there is a huge market for vampire hunters 🙂

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