Netflix vs. Hulu Plus


I thought I’d put up a quick blog about something I know a great deal on. Netflix vs. Hulu Plus. Keep in mind, I’m not some tech corporation. Just a guy who writes books for a living and is prepared to give it to you straight.

We have both in our home, and they both offer a solid service. But each has an upside and a downside, and you should know about them in detail before signing up.

Team Netflix: We’ve had it for nearly two years now, and for the most part have no complaints. It delivers as advertised, doing so without advertisements. The upside to this service by far, is its selection of movies. Granted, most of them are a few years dated, but there is a vast selection to choose from. You can run two devices at once under the basic service, and for many families that’s enough. They also have a pretty decent selection of television shows, though many are simply capped off after only one season. The big names that hit me here are The Walking Dead(first two seasons only), Sons of Anarchy(missing all of the current season) and Hell on Wheels, which had almost the entire first season, though it’s now cut down to just a handful of episodes.

Team Hulu Plus: Let me be clear when I say this, Hulu Plus is NOT a service for movie lovers. Most of the movies included in the “selection” available are very old or obscure. That said, Hulu Plus thumps Netflix in terms of television shows. Though it doesn’t even currently include The Walking Dead or Sons of Anarchy, it does offer up a great selection. A lot of the time, you can find your favorite show included less than 24 hours after it airs. My wife grabbed this service just for Grey’s Anatomy, and I had no complaints as it also includes hundreds(including the latest) episodes of WWE wrestling. I’m a fan, sue me. We also agree that the picture on Hulu Plus seems a bit more crisp. And, though I’ve read you can have up to six devices connected, I’ve only been able to get two going at once, and in most cases only one.

So for us, Hulu Plus remains in the living room, while our kids have Netflix. They’re happy because the Netflix selection of kids programs is much better, while we have more of what we want in the living room. Final thoughts, if you need a fix for children in the home or are looking for a good outlet for movie time, Netflix is for you. If you’re looking to drop the $100 cable bill while keeping most of your favorite shows(with occasional ads), Hulu Plus is your gig.

Or you can do what we did. Drop the $100 Dish Network bill for a total of less than $20 a month, while grabbing both of these amazing services!



No matter which is a fit for you, I strongly recommend grabbing the above Blu-Ray player, which supports BOTH services and is the same model I currently use. Plus, just for checking out this blog, you can grab it at a discount!

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3 thoughts on “Netflix vs. Hulu Plus

  1. Good info, John. I really considered dropping the cable box and going streaming only. However, my cable company decided to put a cap on the Internet bandwidth which would make it difficult to stream only. I know it was a business decision for them to help keep customers, but well, you know, it still stinks. Oh, well. I’m currently testing the amount of bandwidth that I would normally use if I were to drop the cable box. So far I haven’t been able to justify doing so. And I still won’t go back to Netflix after they doubled my rates after being with them for nearly ten years (I really should have bought a bunch of stock from them when they were at $15 last year! Oy!). They do have a good service though. So, for now I utilize HBOGo, RedBox and Amazon Prime (which threw in streaming at no extra charge; I was already a member), which has worked for me for now. We’ll see what happens when the cable company decides to raise its rates again.

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