Kindle Fire vs. Nook Tablet



If you enjoy reading as much as I do, chances are you’ve asked yourself this question more than once. Which eBook reader stacks up better? Allow me to offer a streamlined rundown of both tablets, while offering you the need-to-know information!


It’s the most popular reader on the market, and with good reason. Amazon offers several different versions of the Fire, allowing you to grab one based on your preferences when it comes to memory and display. If you’re already an Amazon Prime member, the Kindle Fire is a no-brainer. It will allow you to stream the free video service that Amazon is already making available to you. The Kindle Fire also offers the most selection when it comes to eBooks, including a vast amount of freebies. Many authors have started publishing to the KDP Select program, which means their digital work is exclusive to the Kindle.

In fact, after using the Kindle Fire, I found the interface to be easy to navigate and had but a single complaint. The construction seemed to be a bit weak as compared to the Nook Tablet. That gripe aside, there is simply no way you can go wrong with the Kindle Fire, though I strongly suggest grabbing a protective case at the time of purchase.


As mentioned before, this tablet feels more sturdy out of the box. The screen seemed to be just a bit better in terms of being glare-free, and though B&N claims their tablet has a longer battery life, it must be so small of a plus that it wasn’t even noticeable. At least not to me. It performed well, and my only gripe with the Nook Tablet(or any Nook for that matter) is that the selection of books is far below what it is on the Kindle Fire. Most of the best-selling books seemed to be here, but a lot of the highly-popular reads were found exclusively on the Kindle.

This may not be a huge deal to most readers, but for those of you that feel selection is king, the Nook Tablet just falls short. I did, however, find the associates in-store(Barnes & Noble) to be very helpful when explaining the Nook Tablet, and the idea of being able to take a Nook to them with technical problems was a plus. You’re also able to connect to their WiFi for free, and even download a free book while in-store, which seemed like a neat incentive.


I don’t feel that either tablet would be a bad purchase, but I would recommend the Kindle Fire if being asked directly. Better selection, more free books available and a more popular product in general. Most likely for good reason. If you’re ready to join the eBook reading world, you can click the banner below to find the perfect reader(I personally own one) and grab it at a discounted price! A little thank you for checking out my blog 🙂



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3 thoughts on “Kindle Fire vs. Nook Tablet

  1. I can’t speak for either of these but the Nook HD recently added Google Play, allowing users to download Android apps, including Kindle. The HD also has expandable memory, up to 64GB more than the internal memory. I’m big on expanding. Again I can’t speak for the other 2 units, but I am pleased with the HD.

    1. I appreciate that! I’ll do my very best to keep it coming, now that I know at least one person is out there reading it. 🙂

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