That Odd Moment

So I’m sitting around the other night writing, as usual. The strangest thing happens. I begin throwing down words about a subject that is completely new to my Gunship series. Purgatory. If you’ve ever read the Gunship series, you know this is a very different concept. Normally it’s all about smuggling in space, carrying a loaded revolver and making sure the whiskey never runs dry. But as I began writing, I soon found myself spewing out ten great pages. Some of the most interesting work I’ve ever written, I must admit.

In some strange way, it almost felt like someone else was slinging those pages as I literally have no idea where the words were coming from. It was a very odd moment that made me question a lot of things. I’m also fearful of what readers of the series will think of the mentioned material, which looks to make up about 25 pages when it’s all said and done. Yep, I decided to leave it in The Fleet #2 and take a chance. If folks hate it, I may lose some readers. But if they love it, it may just turn out to be that definitive moment in my writing career. It’s hard to say.

As I head back into the world of Gunship to do some more writing, I want to thank you for checking out this blog. If any of you have experienced this type of odd moment when writing, I’d love to hear about it.

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