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Gunship: Book I    Kindle   Nook   Kobo Gunship: Book II Glimmeria   Kindle   Nook   Kobo Gunship: Book III Refelections   Kindle   Nook   Kobo Gunship: Book IV Gears & Spears   Kindle   Nook Gunship: Book V Legendary   Kindle   Nook Gunship: The Complete Series   Kindle   Nook   Kobo   Paperback It’s western saloons and Vampires in this outer space adventure! When a captain and his crew of wily smugglers take on a high-riskContinue reading “Now Available!”

XBOX and the teardrops on my guitar.

*Disclaimer – This post may or may not contain adult content, depending on how much coffee I drink from now until it’s finished.     What do Microsoft Xbox(pick one) and Taylor Swift have in common? They both believe themselves to be higher up on the glam chain than they actually are, continue getting intoContinue reading “XBOX and the teardrops on my guitar.”