Lucas Charming was once Cleveland’s top police officer. Divorce changed all of that. Years later, he finds himself a broken man who’s taking up the work of a private detective. Lucas’ life is about to change, however, as his ex-wife shows up and begins talking about a mysterious box she’s uncovered. But it’s not until her disappearance that Lucas begins to investigate the box in question – forever altering life as he knows it.

Charming is a story set in a parallel world in which things are much, much different. Queens rule the lands – not government as we know it. There is no digital technology and Lucas quickly finds himself adapting as best he can, while relying on the wits of his extensive police background. Will he search for his ex-wife and try to bring her back home – or will he search for the same woman in a parallel world and hope for a second chance at his first marriage?

Charming: Book One (Summer 2015)

Photo copyright – Vladimir Petkovic


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    1. Yep, for a couple of days. It took me that long to figure out it’d be buried beneath a lot of popular books with the same keywords. 🙂

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