Farewell 2014.

As I sit here battling the flu, my thoughts are on the year of 2014 and what I will accomplish in 2015. Other folks call them resolutions – I call them dedications.

Fitness is something most folks strive for and luckily, I got a jump on this back in the summer. I began eating healthier and lifting weights(which I hadn’t done in a while), and my plan is to continue both. They seem to be helping a lot. The flu may have me down a bit, but I’m kicking its ass as the end result. Without going to see a doctor, mind you.

My dedication for 2015 deals with time management. In case you missed it, I dropped from the grid for several months in 2014. We completely dropped the internet and simplified a lot of things. I found it to be very helpful, while very annoying when it came to work. Publishing writing is a pain in the ass without the internet, just so you know. We ultimately picked it back up and I need to find that cozy grey area between having my face stuck in a computer screen 24/7 and going caveman. In other words, happy trails to everything but Twitter and WordPress. Yes Facebook, I’m looking at you. We haven’t been in love for a very long time and there’s no sense in dragging it out any further. We’re over. I’m dedicating myself more to writing and less to anything that sucks my time away. Except family, of course. They are always my priority.

Finally, as I look back at 2014 I have mixed reviews. Lost City and Zombie Cowboys were two books that I had very high hopes for. And, to be completely blunt – they bombed. Lost City(Atlantis) did show signs of life for a bit, but a sequel is just not in the cards. Let’s not even talk about Zombie Cowboys. Meanwhile, The Fleet and Gunship: The Afterworlds are both sailing high. The Afterworlds is likely the best work I’ve written to date. There are certainly more books coming for both series in 2015.

As a whole, I realize that’s what  writing is all about. Chance. Every single time I sit down to write, it could become the next great thing in science fiction. Or, sadly, it could become the next Zombie Cowboys(tears up). That’s why I love writing. That’s what I find exciting about the profession as a whole. It’s a blank canvas in which I can throw down my ideas, sail them over to my awesome editor and then publish the story. Entering it into the casino game of published writing.

2015 will certainly bring more writing. I’m not sure what the stories will be, just yet, but I will approach them the same way I always have. By putting the reader first. Because at the end of the day, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a perfect stranger enjoy your story.


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