Space Rebels


Now that the original Gunship series is finished and officially on sale in the Gunship: Omnibus Edition, it’s time for Space Rebels and Dalton James’ son, Gabe. Set a couple of decades after the final chapter of Gunship, expect a completely different ride. Except for the whiskey. There’s always room for whiskey.


Grab the entire Gunship series and get caught up. Space Rebels is coming soon!

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2 thoughts on “Space Rebels

  1. I have to confess for several of my media sites I cheat, I have google+, and Tumblr but I never post directly to them instead my WP site automatically posts there for me and irrespective of how little I bother with them they tick along rather nicely, I use the scheduling features of Facebook so I appear to have a presence even if I am not physically about and most of the time I tweet on the go, but do use Hootsuite if I want to schedule tweets as well. I have found by making the most of the scheduling options it frees up more time for writing.

    1. Great minds think alike. I actually use Hootsuite as well, but actually dread that 3-hour session with HS every few months.

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