The One That Didn’t Pre-Order


So as I’m sitting here just past midnight, a great idea hits me. Let’s begin blogging and naming every future entry “The One” in honor of Friends. What does this post have to do with the show? Nothing. But I like the show and it seems like a clever idea at such a late hour.

I visited Gamestop recently and I didn’t pre-order. The sales pitch was there, but I couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger. Honestly, I don’t even remember what game they were trying to get me to lay down $5 on. But as the peer-pressure kept coming, I finally laid it out there with several gamers nearby.

“Women don’t want to be with gaming nerds. Gaming nerds pre-order. I don’t. I play when I have free time, which isn’t that often. Because I have a good woman.”

Crickets. All of the sudden I either became a jerk or a saint of truth. I’m not sure. But as the disgruntled cashier took the money silently and told me to have a nice day, I secretly wondered if the women who’d been dragged into Gamestop that day – cheered for me? Was I their knight in shining armor?

Doubtful. I was probably just a tall guy in a NY Yankees hat buying a WW2 game. But I was the one who didn’t pre-order. I placed a seed of doubt into their heads, perhaps, and made them finally question being put on the back burner for a round of Call of Duty. Most guys rank the games above the women they love these days, right? It’s become pretty commonplace and I believe women have gotten used to being second to gaming. In a sense, they’ve sounded the trumpets of defeat when it comes to warring for their man’s time.

Well don’t give up, ladies. Oh, this Friends’ themed blog is going to get mighty interesting.


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