Fun Facts

IMG_20150607_122145Fun facts about the Gunship series and its author

  • John’s favorite character of the series(so far) is Vladris.
  • The original story was written(in John’s head) during the early 2000’s while working midnight security.
  • The original Geartown cover featured Whiskey. The lovable pooch was removed days later and replaced during the re-branding of the short story, which became Gears and Spears. A longtime fan of the series(and burlesque dancer) now graces the cover.
  • Originally, Sarah Blaine was a brunette. After a chance encounter with an old friend, John discovered that Amanda Elizabeth was professionally modeling and asked her to become Gunship’s leading lady. Amanda eventually landed on cover 1(Gunship) and cover 5(Legendary). Sasha, for all intents and purposes, is modeled after Sarah’s original character in the first draft.
  • Scott McGregor(Adam) landed on the the cover of book 2(Glimmeria). He was also the beta reader and Glimmeria remains the highest-rated book of the series. Scott can also cook some mean BBQ chicken.
  • John’s favorite Avenger is Captain America(obviously). That said, he’s a DC Comics fan.
  • Prison Break, Battlestar Galactica and Stargate Atlantis are John’s favorite 3 shows on television. His favorite movie was Top Gun until recently, when Brad Pitt and Fury bitch slapped it with awesomeness.
  • John is pretty much a World War 2 historian.
  • John’s favorite Gunship moment(so far) is during book 3(Reflections) as the Benzans are waiting in the snowy fields for their Vampire adversaries. It was influenced by Savage Sword of Conan, which John remains a huge fan of.
  • John’s favorite sport and team are NHL Hockey and the Habs.
  • Gunship’s hero, Dalton James, is named after John’s cousin, Cory James Dalton, who passed away far too early. The series is dedicated to John’s uncle, Eddie Gallimore, who was a huge Gunship fan and also passed away far too early.
  • John professionally boxed out of Roanoke, Virginia, with a record of 10-2. Afterwards, he professionally wrestled under the stage name Miami Smooth. John has never been to Florida.
  • Prior to writing professionally, John worked several wage-slaving jobs. Among them, Wal-Mart, Dish Network, armed security and home oxygen delivery. It was during the delivery job that he met Amanda Elizabeth and they often talked about doing something more important in life. Amanda continues to model and has been cast in several commercials and films. To this day, John considers Wal-Mart the dark side.
  • John has had three books land into the Amazon Kindle Top-5 in their respective categories. The Fleet, an extension of the Gunship series, landed in the #1 overall spot briefly.
  • The Gunship series had been downloaded and read(hopefully) by nearly 80,000 folks in some fashion or the other. Among them, a few recognizable names.





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