Disney Infinity 2.0

OK, so I had to drop the Friends’ look of my blog entries. The folks who handle my online stuff say that it’s killing each blog’s meta ranking? Anyway…

Disney Infinity, folks. That’s my latest addiction. I’m a grown man that now teams up with my two children when shopping in an effort to track down very hard to find figures and discs. I also play the game.


Originally, my daughter asked for the starter kit and eventually got it(after her report card was nice). I honestly had no idea what Disney Infinity was, but, of course, I sat down to play with her as one of those daddy/daughter moments. This game truly reminds me of a Super Mario World meets Little Big Planet, which is awesome. But the draw here for me is the figures.

There’s something about seeing the Lone Ranger and Tonto sitting above my television. Great movie, BTW. I don’t care if it did score horribly…I loved it. Now I hear the Tron figures may make an appearance. I imagine Star Wars too, once the new movie launches. Some of the figures are solid crystal in design, but are very hard to track down. For a solid week now, I’ve been looking for Jack Skellington for my son. Or as he calls him – The Pumpkin King.

It’s safe to say that my wife likely thinks I’ve gone nuts. But I no longer dread shopping. What’s that? You need to swing into Wal-Mart and pick up a few things? Good, the kids and I are heading through electronics for the gold rush of Disney Infinity. I strongly recommend this game for your kids, or, if you’re the type of parent that loves to find common ground with your kids, I recommend it for you. Warning. Disney Infinity can be very habit-forming.



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