Number One

I’ve chased it since I began writing in 2011. A few times I’ve flirted with the #1 spot, only to reach #2 and begin falling back. This past Monday, thanks to the help of faithful readers who continue to spread the word of Gunship/The Fleet, one of my books finally hit the #1 spot!

Since then, it has fallen to #3, but I’m OK with that. You see, a lot of authors pay hundreds of dollars each month to advertise on websites that give their book away for free, in turn raising their ranking on Amazon. I’ve never paid to advertise. I’ve thought about it, but decided to just keep writing as hard as I could and let the readers decide if the stories are worthy. And my readers have spoken. I can’t describe how it felt to come home, log in, and see my book(The Fleet) had jumped from #17 to #1.


I’m sure to most folks, this isn’t that big of a deal. But for me, the guy who’s been told(a lot) that I’d never make a mark in the publishing world – it’s a big deal. I have a short list of goals and hitting #1 was on that list. Now, because of the incredible passion of Gunship readers, I’ve achieved that goal.

This isn’t a blog about me beating my own chest, though. This is about anyone reading this who feels like they’re up against it. I’ve been told that I need to quit writing, I’ve had upset readers stalk me online and review each book negatively in an effort to stop me. I’ve lost friends because of writing and I’ve certainly felt like quitting more than once. Don’t quit. No matter what your situation looks like, writing or otherwise. Don’t ever quit.

My wife says that I’m no longer a starving author. Just a very hungry one. She’s right. I’m very hungry. And the folks who’ve had their stranglehold on the top of science fiction are about to find out just how hungry I am.

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