1/8/2106 – I’ve teamed with author Jason Halstead to create a brand new science fiction series! Terminus is currently in the works and my first book in the series will be titled Ghost Planet. I’ve also bit the bullet and agreed to a local book signing/comicon in 2016. Who’s ready to grab a signed copy of One Last Hero?

12/18/2015 – One Last Hero is closing in on its official release and should be available sometime in January. Set to launch at $2.99 in eBook format and $9.99 in paperback, I’ve also decided (you’ve been asking for a while) to sign and sell paperback copies from my website. They’ll be priced at $19.99 and will be #’d to 100. That price should include standard shipping to the Continental U.S. only.

7/9/2015 – The Gunship Portal has launched, and boy is it sexy. Now that the Gunship: Omnibus Edition is finished and available for readers, my focus has become Space Rebels. Let’s see what Dalton’s son has in store for us now that he’s got his own story to tell.

6/12/2015 – The Great War is in its final edit and should be available soon. What is on the horizon following The Great War? I’m seriously considering writing a western novel – we’ll see.

5/15/2015 – Gunship: The Great War is approximately 1/3 of the way finished. Expect a lot of action in this one, as well as a very stunning ending. Perhaps the biggest shocker so far in the series.

5/14/2015 – Gunship: Vampire Hunters has released! It’s a welcome addition to the Gunship family and thus far, reception has been great.

5/9/2015 – Guardian Angel will get a fourth book and possibly more. That’s great news for fans of the series. No release date has been set, but we do know that the upcoming Guardian Angel book(or series) will focus on the beginning stages of the war against alien invaders.

5/7/2015 – R.E.D.D. will be a collaboration between John M. Davis and producer Patrick A. Prejusa. Based on the motion picture (, R.E.D.D. will also become a series of books that follows Patrick’s universe in prequel fashion.

3/16/2015 – The Fleet officially landed into the #1 overall spot in science fiction(Amazon Kindle) and held the #1 spot for two entire days. It may not sound impressive, but with 149,121 books published in the genre (we checked) and absolutely no marketing beyond tweets and Facebook buzz from readers of the series, The Fleet is a Cinderella story. A special thank you to everyone who helped get it into the top spot (albeit shortly).

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