#RT to WIN!


It’s easy to #RT and WIN with this brand new contest! If you follow me on Twitter(@johndavisbooks), simply retweet anything I send out with a #RT attached. That’s it! Each month I will randomly select one RT and banner YOUR blog directly to the front page of MY blog. The above screenshot is an actual snippet taken this morning(for March 2015), and is just a glimpse into what type of exposure could be awaiting your blog, too, just as a thank you!

Why am I willing to send people away from my blog? What’s the catch? There isn’t a catch, really. This isn’t an evil plot to take over the internet, and, to be honest, I’m simply trying to promote(and hopefully) sell books. Every RT sent out has the possibility of sending a new reader my way. I’d like them to have a look around this website of mine, and I’d love to direct them to the blog of one lucky winner each month. That’s it! The more you RT, the better your chances of being featured directly on my front page. If you don’t have a blog, don’t worry. I’m willing to feature pretty much any website you choose, assuming you let me know via Twitter.

Good luck! Please understand that I will NOT feature any website that promotes racism, hate or violence of any fashion. Your RT’s make me happy, but it’s a peaceful kind of happy!


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