Guardian Angel

So, the Guardian Angel series has officially been re-branded, beginning with the trilogy edition.


I’m often asked the same handful of questions. How can I get into writing? Where do your characters come from? Which of your stories do you like the most? Well, I’ve always been a fan of the Guardian Angel series, to be honest. If that offends Gunship fans, I’m sorry. But I’m partial to Alicia, Jackson and the mess she seems to find herself getting into time and again. When this series first published, I had astronomical hopes. I won’t lie. I thought that Guardian Angel would be the next greatest thing. A woman torn between two lovers, a war with a very nasty race of ancient soldiers and fantastic weaponry. What’s not to love?

More often than not, people seem to be turned off by the opening pages of book one. There’s a scene in which Alicia and another woman engage in a very suggestive form of dancing. Ah, the hate mail that followed. If only these folks would have read the story through to the end of book three, they’d see a very different woman. Someone who discovers herself, and, in doing so, a strong religious belief(hence the title). What would I like for Christmas this year? The ability to write more Guardian Angel books and know they would sell. In fact, I still consider Guardian Angel 2 my best work, with Gunship: The Afterworlds coming in a very close second. The characters in Guardian Angel 2(The Berlin War) absolutely make the story and I got so caught up in that story when writing it that it literally changed me as an author.

Anyway, if you’re new around here or new to the series, I really hope you’ll give the Guardian Angel Trilogy a shot!

Available now on Kindle and Nook.

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