Torpedo of Truth – 2015


Ring the bell, people, the Torpedo of Self-Publishing Truth Tour of 2015 is officially in the works! Say that three times, I dare you. In case you’re new to this blog, I did a similar tour back in 2013 and it chapped some asses in the publishing world. Folks who sit atop their mighty thrones of traditional publishing and look down upon us indie peasants.

The Torpedo of Truth 2015 will be an effort to once again expose them(traditional publishing houses) for being both unnecessary and delusional. I’ll visit several blogs out there and explain to indie authors abroad how to utilize keywords, properly format, land fantastic looking covers for cheap, market their work like a warlock, use social media and do all of the above at(or above) the level of traditionally published authors.

Think I’m insane? Well I may very well be. But the last Torpedo of Truth Tour was mighty fun and it helped out a lot of indie authors in the process. If you’re interested in booking me onto your blog, email me at In 2013, I capped the tour off with six visits. How many will I sign up for this time around? That all depends on how much whiskey I have and how many emails I receive.


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