Self-Checkout Lines

So, I usually blog to try and sell my books, though every now and then I cover a subject that just doesn’t make sense to me. And trust me, there are plenty in the world that we live in. Today, I’ve chosen to cover self-checkout lines because the idea of a self-checkout line is just ludicrous to me.


When I shop, the items I am buying are marked up enough to cover the store’s overhead costs. This includes labor. In other words, I am paying you to sell me the item, scan it, take my money and bag it for me. How the self-checkout idea was pitched, and worse, sold to the public as acceptable is downright laughable. I can see the board room meeting now.

“We’re going to create kiosks where customers can pay us, then do 2/3 of the work themselves.”

“But it’s faster.” you say. Well, if that’s the case, you’re shopping at the wrong store. Not only are they slow when it comes to checking you out and taking your money, but they’ve thrown the issue into your lap now. Isn’t that nice? Have we not learned as a society that large corporations aren’t famous for treating us with respect? Ever notice these fancy price-scanning machines hanging in your local discount store. Great idea, right? Wrong! It has opened the door for these discount stores to quit pricing shit! The very first time I stood in front of a Redbox in the rain, I understood that we’re shooting ourselves in the foot. Some things should involve actual humans and I sure do miss standing in the local video store browsing through movies. But I digress.

Isn’t it time to start holding companies accountable? Fix your service or lose me as a customer! My local DMV now charges $5 to walk in the office and pay taxes on my vehicle. How silly is that? The DMV is charging me $5 to pay them money. Seriously. Is this the world we are living in now? Sadly, yes it is. People have become lazier than ever and that feeds into the greed of Corporate America.

I’ve had it with commercials that are tailored for me, only to call and speak to someone who I can’t communicate with due to a language barrier. What do I plan to do about it? We all have a vote and it’s in the form of our money. You see, I’ve been using the self-checkout line for a while now. But I affectionately call it You should try it sometime.

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