WWE Network – The Review



I admit it. I’m a professional wrestling fan. Usually when I pony up that confession, people begin this huge spill on how professional wrestling isn’t real. Wrong. Professional wrestling may be scripted, but it’s certainly not fake.

Is the WWE Network worth the price of admission($9.99)? Yes, it absolutely is. I was skeptical at first. I thought that there was some underlying small print. Maybe I was locked into a year of commitment or the price bumped up a little more each month, but no. It has remained $9.99 and truthfully, I use the service more than I do Netflix. Last night, my daughter and I watched John Cena whip some tail and even though her favorite(The Bella Twins) lost, it’s bound to happen sometimes. Right?

The truth of the matter is, if you’re asking the question – you’re already fan enough to enjoy everything that comes packaged for the $9.99 price point. There are podcast shows, original programming and, of course, lots and lots of wrestling. I can watch the great matches of the early 80’s all the way up to PPV events which are monthly and usually cost $50+. I’ve seen major media outlets say the model won’t work for $9.99, but I disagree. The WWE Network is everything that other sports networks should be. For a long time I’ve believed that the future of television will be internet streamed, and the WWE Network is the first service that impresses me. Yes, I’m also a fan of Netflix and it’s well worth the money, but the WWE Network streams with better quality.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a hardcore wrestling fan, casual fan or absolutely new to the sport. You simply cannot beat the content for $9.99 and, if you’re a new subscriber, the first month is free. You’ll quickly learn a lot about the hell these athletes have to go through to entertain you. I suggest Legends’ House, Total Divas and, of course, the monthly PPV events.

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2 thoughts on “WWE Network – The Review

  1. I used to watch wresting all the time and confess to a crush on HBK and a smaller one on the Edge but I stopped watching because it seemed that there was a time where they were becoming like clones and the real individuals were disappearing, the Mankind’s, Gold Dust, you know what I mean, maybe I should tune in and see if it has changed

    1. Yea, there will always be the clones. I certainly understand that. It’s gotten a lot better. HBK was such a good wrestler!

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