Space Rebels

rebelsbanner2We were wrong. After the Great War, a period of one hundred years of peace followed, which saw the economy boom and our worlds prosper. Were were supposed to be alone. As sightings begin to trickle in, they are quickly written off as whiskey-injected tales by fearful space pirates. Soon, however, it becomes obvious that a new race of beings has arrived and they intend to slaughter us and take our resources in the process.

For thousands of years, humans have clashed with Vampires. The mighty Husk and Benzans have also went to war and through experience, we have learned the art of survival. Now, against a new enemy that it far more superior than anything we’ve ever known, humanity will stand with its former foes to defend every patch of dirt and rock that we’ve earned the hard way.

Prepare for the next chapter of the Gunship experience. Space Rebels is coming soon.

Prepare for the experience by downloading Gunship: Omnibus Edition today!

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