About that Facebook religion.

So today, I log in to wish one of my friends a happy birthday and what do I see? A respectfully worded post from another friend and his wife, warning everyone to keep their posts rated PG or be unfollowed/unfriended. To elaborate just a bit, they are very strict people when it comes to their religion and I respect that…to a point. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a non-denominational Christian. In other words, I pray on the regular but don’t blow the church up every Sunday and pretend to be better than I actually am. I am flawed, but try to do right by everyone. I don’t care for denominations and their specific rules on worshiping my God, and enjoy doing it my own way. The friends in question are hardcore Christians, which again, I respect. But they have also drifted into the land of cult status, in my opinion.

I’m not sure what to do here? I don’t want to offend a guy that I worked with for several years and think the world of, but I also don’t like the idea of not being able to speak freely. If I throw something out there like “stormtroopers suck” I will likely be unfriended. Is this on me? Should I tone it down to PG all the time? I’m asking everyone out there in WordPressland because my judgement isn’t always the greatest. Should I finally drop the “that’s what she said” line and be more politically correct? What would you folks do?

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10 thoughts on “About that Facebook religion.

  1. Personally, you shouldn’t have to worry about censoring yourself just to please others. I think some people are just overly sensitive and get offended too easily. So, no don’t censor yourself. With that said, don’t go all chaotic with your opinions either. It’ll just make you look like an ass. If someone wants to unfriend you (But don’t we give Facebook to much power with whole “friend” thing anyway?) just because you have a general opinion about something, that isn’t specifically addressed towards them, and they don’t agree with you, then I would just let them go. Why bother with the drama. Of course, if we go off on a religious or political rant and piss people off, well, then yeah, that falls on us. Bottom line, just don’t be a jerk. There are plenty of other jerks out there to fill the position. I typically drop the jerks as soon as they reveal themselves. Hope this helps.



  2. I’m not calling any typos out from a man who’s standing with Chuck Norris! Just kidding. Yea, I don’t ever post anything religious or political to Facebook. Heck, I don’t even send Candy Crush invites. I usually just throw out a weekly Charlie Sheen quote and move on to Twitter. I guess their Facebook posted landed in my lap the wrong way this morning. I have about half a mind to cut my losses on them and move on. Thanks Sharky!

    1. LOL! Chuck Norris has my back. Seriously, though, as much as I enjoy using Facebook it can turn into drama land quick. I’ve had to mute and drop a few people because of the constant political rants (and sharing posts that aren’t even true; come on, folks, learn how to fact check before sharing). It’s just going to get worse as we move closer to Election Day.

  3. The chances are they will unfriend you at some point no matter what you do, the way FB now seems to prefer sharing what pages your friends clicked like on rather than actual posts from your friends you will eventually like something they disapprove of. Also the way FB chooses what posts we do see they may have been gone months before you even realise lol

    1. I agree. It’s likely coming no matter what. I blame FB for killing off my favorite daytime soaps over stuff like this! haha

  4. I’d like to touch on the language part of ‘keeping it PG’. To me ‘keeping it PG’ means cleaning up the language- leave out the F-bombs. Religion aside, I have issues with people who curse constantly- with little to know regard as to how they affect others.

    It could be any word- but mostly it’s the F-bombs. It’s been my experience that people who use F-bombs consciously tend to over use them. This is when it becomes obnoxious and it’s what I find offensive. To me it says that the person is angry and or hostile. That’s not to say that I’m completely against it- after all, a well placed F-bomb does have it’s moment and power.

  5. A friend of mine had someone ask him to keep his Faecesbook comments “safe for work”.
    My comment to him was that it’s his Faecesbook page, he post whatever he wants on it, the rest of us don’t have to watch it if we don’t want to, and if his “friend” gets fired for being on a “NSFW” Faecesbook page, perhaps it would have nothing to do with the content of said page but more because s/he was spending time on Faecesbook instead of working while being paid to work.

    1. Yea, I decided to post whatever is on my mind. Not on FB all that much anyway, so if he drops me I likely won’t know it for months. haha

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