These Vampires do not fall in love during high school. The Hunters(Vampires) have been the dominant species for thousands of years, though many other races have tested them, including our own. When a ship’s captain takes on work for the Hunters, he quickly begins to fall in love with the prisoner he’s promised to deliver. Soon after, all hell breaks loose as interstellar war and a ship on its last leg are the least of his crew’s problems. Captain Adam Michaels will lean heavily on his military past and even heavier on his friends’ help if they are to survive. The problem? His crew includes a foulmouthed cowboy, a whiskey drinking dog, a former soldier with a very dark secret and plenty of other characters that may easily get them all killed.

Gunship is a story of a solar system at war and there aren’t any punches pulled. Vampires, an Orc-like race, dusty saloons, a Zombie-like plague and, of course, plenty of whiskey to be had. Even if it’s consumed on the run.

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Art by Aituar Manas

Published by bookcommander

The Book Commander. #bookcommander

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