“This book just gets better the further into it you go, there are some really great characters who will get you turning page after page to find out what becomes of them.”

“I enjoyed the characters and their intertwined stories.”

“From the first page, I was completely engrossed in the story, so much that I hated to put it down.”

“As crazy as it sounds with vampires and zombies, this is an over the top fun read. A nice ride.”

“A very fun read. After reading the series I can see some similarly to Firefly.”

“Wow, I can’t wait to read more!”

The Gunship series has been downloaded in some fashion by over 50,000 readers worldwide! Join them by grabbing Gunship: Omnibus Edition and begin your own ride today!

Art by Anndr Kusuriuri

Published by bookcommander

The Book Commander. #bookcommander

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