Well Gunship fans, you fuckers went and did it. Word has it that Gunship and its fans have vaulted into a mainstay series, and that tickles me just a bit. You see, this story isn’t just about a crew of outcasts trying to make their way in the universe. Hell, it’s also a real journey of the same types of folks trying to make a name for themselves in the world of publishing. I’d say that we’ve accomplished a lot together. For that, I thank you.

If you haven’t read my story just yet, then pour yourself a good shot of whiskey, prime a real nice cigar and download the Omnibus Edition now. Folks tend to enjoy it and I hope you do the same.

If you’re already a fan, just know that I appreciate you helping me get the story out. This is the story of my life. With just a few curse words thrown in, of course. A lot of you have emailed and asked all kinds of shit. Who would I back as the next President of the United States? What brand of whiskey do I drink? Is this really the end of Dalton James? Maybe it is – maybe it isn’t. That remains to be seen, but I can vouch for the brand new series, Space Rebels, which takes place right here in my old stomping grounds. That’s the Skyla System for all of you newbies.

Who would I back as the next U.S. President? Hell son, anybody that knows me knows that I hate politicians and their fake ass smiles. That’s why I’m officially endorsing Donald Trump. Seems like he hates all of ’em, too. I’ll back any man who wants to dismantle a system that ain’t working and fix it from the ground up. As far as the whiskey goes, I drink whatever you’re pouring. If I have my choice, though, I’m a Jack Daniels man.

Until next time,

Dalton James


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