Fear The Walking Dead – The Review

Well, I’m 2 episodes in and I’m ready to give my official review of this series. I get what’s trying to be done here. I get it. FTWD needs to start out slow and begin telling the story of brand new characters and that takes time. FTWD, though, is boring enough to put Rick Grimes back into a coma (willingly).


Speaking of Rick, there isn’t one in FTWD. There are honestly no characters that I can relate to in the same way that I can Rick or Daryl, which are two big reasons that The Walking Dead has been so popular. In fact, the FTWD characters are so uninteresting that I’m actually turned away just a bit.

“It’ll get better.” you say.

Maybe, but I won’t be around to watch it. I promised to give this new series a chance with 1 episode as the preview didn’t look interesting. Out of respect for Kirkman(who’s a fantastic author) I gave it two episodes.

Most of the civilized world has already seen FTWD, so this review is pretty much white noise within the community of Zombie lovers. Still, if you stand up and claim to like this rendition better than the original, I don’t Fear The Walking Dead – I fear you.

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2 thoughts on “Fear The Walking Dead – The Review

  1. I’m yet to see it, but the 2 episodes are waiting on a flash drive for when I’m out of good stuff to watch.
    To be honest, I didn’t like the original “The Walking Dead”. I gave it 5 or so episodes, then got bored.
    In my opinion, if you’re in a Zombie apocalypse, and your own survival depends on working together with a group of people, would you do anything possible to work together and survive or would you cause as much drama as possible?
    In “The Walking Dead” it seems like most characters went for the drama. It was more about “winning a few social points” or “sleep with someones wife” than slashing zombies and find food.

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