Christmas Guide For Geeks

I hate Wal-Mart and I love the goodness of geek! Those are 2 things that people typically pick up on very quickly around me. Every year at about this time, I begin receiving tweets/emails asking what the hottest geek items will be during the Christmas season. So this year, I decided to make a list. A guide, actually. A toy book for geeks of all budgets. These hot-ticket items are guaranteed to make the geek in your life smile and, most importantly, can be picked up at Amazon – instead of Wal-Mart.

So I’m on a budget.


You can still geek out on a budget. Every true gamer knows his/her roots and Pacman started it all. Imagine plugging into your massive television and reliving the arcade experience. Halo fans in the house? The UNSC shirt is classy (I'm about to order one my damn self). It's a can't miss. There are coffee mugs, and then there is the Vader mug of the elite. I would have listed Yoda's, but it's already sold out and this one is moving fast. Better hurry.

I ain’t broke or rich.


I love Risk and I love The Walking Dead. Everyone else must, too, because this game continues to sell out online like nothing I've ever seen before. The Atari Flashback is retro (yes!) and it includes actual controller ports that will use original 2600 joysticks! Finally, a nice model of everyone's favorite ship. I still want to bitch slap Fox for cancelling Firefly.

I’m a high-roller, son.


Ah yes, I dream of lighting my cigars with $100 bills and not mowing my own lawn. Maybe you are a high-roller in search of geek gifts. Every year I predict the #1 selling game console through Christmas and every year I'm right. The PS4 Battlefront (Star Wars) console WILL sell out. Reserve it now. Want to be famous for a day? Order the Master Chief suit and walk into a nearby comics convention. If you're the gaming type, order a true arcade machine.


Finally, I’ll give you my “hot-ticket” item that is moving faster than Amazon’s stock. It won’t last, not at only $49. Oh and guys/gals, let’s try to remember the true meaning of Christmas.


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3 thoughts on “Christmas Guide For Geeks

  1. Fox always axes anything that might be a little bit off the main stream, even if its popular and good. Lately they axed Spielberg’s Minority Report. Cutting down the 13 episodes to 10.
    About the Atari….Haven’t you gone a little bit over the edge with it now? lol
    Only thing I really feel that I want here is the coffee mug, so thanks, heading over to amazon now.

  2. Star Wars Darth Vader 18 oz Oval Ceramic Mug, Black

    Choose a delivery option:
    averages 9-14 business days
    $16.58 – AmazonGlobal Expedited Shipping
    averages 2-4 business days
    $31.98 – AmazonGlobal Priority Shipping

    OK, The mug is not worth $30-$45 for me. Perhaps I can find it over here instead.

  3. HA! Yea, it’s cool but I don’t know if it’s $45 cool. There is Star Wars stuff everywhere here, but most of the coffee mugs are generic looking. Amazon sells some nice ones. Overboard? I’m seriously planning some sort of an Atari arcade (homemade cabinet) build at some point. Because, well, I have no social life. 🙂

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